Finally Revealed:

The Step-by-step Framework:

You can leverage to successfully build a Cash-generating YouTube Channel that grows your Influence online and generate Free Evergreen Traffic to your offer …

Even if you are Camera shy, have no prior knowledge or not a Techie!

How it started...

I could remember vividly sitting on my Sofa in the living room with my journal penning down my New year resolution.


The one that stood out was:

I don’t just want to make money in 2021, I also want to add value to at least a thousand people

At that time the only platform I could think of to pull what I intend to do was YouTube because I have bought 3 courses from both Nigerian and Foreign coaches, so I know what YouTube channel as a platform is capable of and its potentials.

Funnily enough, I already created a YouTube channel but it has been dormant for over 5 years because I was camera-shy at that time coupled with the fear of of people’s criticism when they hear me speak and I was even waiting to get some high-end Gadgets for creating my videos *lol*.

But you know as the energy level is usually very high after celebrating the crossing-over to the New year and you’re super-pumped to crush your New year resolutions that was how I was feeling back then.

That pushed me to just launch out with:

Fast forward to March 2023

I hit the 10,000 subscribers Milestone

With additionally minimum of 300 – 500+ New subscribers every month.


In this short period of starting my YouTube career, I have:

  • Added value to hundreds of thousands of people and businesses.
  • Launched my Talkshow – The ExpertView Show w/ Adeleke Samuel
  • Built a passive income generating asset
  • Closed partnership deals with top foreign companies
  • Attracted and worked with high-paying clients.
  • Learnt and mastered so many soft and digital skills in the process
  • And many more.


And I can boldly say that my YouTube channel also contributed to how I was able to Relocate abroad from Nigeria as it gives LEVERAGE.


I’ve attracted so many opportunities in my new country just because I’m a YouTuber.

And even connected and joined a network of Creative Content creators and Influencers in Poland.

Being a YouTuber is one of the easiest way to grow your influence Globally even just from your room.


And having a YouTube channel, is more like possessing an asset, a “digital real estate” as it is one of the most reliable and predictable ways to make passive income online repeatedly on auto-pilot!


… just from one-time effort.


See, I’m only saying all these to let you know you too can do the same even if you don’t currently have huge followers on any social media platform.


Just like I did when I started.


Super-pumped to discover my systems and processes that will fast-track your growth on your YouTube journey ??


YouTube Monetization Blueprint

This is a detailed course that will guide you step-by-step on how to successfully build a Cash-generating YouTube Channel that grows your Influence online even if nobody knows you at the moment and also generate Free Evergreen Traffic to your offers…


You don’t need to have any prior knowledge or be a Techie to do this!

Who is this course for?

  • Individuals that wants to create a digital asset they can earn passive income from even while they sleep
  • Affiliate Marketers and Digital Marketers that wants to generate evergreen traffic to their offers for FREE
  • Companies and Business owners that wants to attract quality leads and high-paying customers.
  • Coaches, speakers, Consultants, Thought leaders and Experts that wants to establish Authority in their industry and gain Global audience.
  • Creatives and Content creators that wants to develop soft skills of making videos that grabs and retains attention.

Get the Cash-generating YouTube Channel Blueprint

Some Feedbacks From Real People

That have attended any of my free classes or gotten my paid YouTube course.

Hi, I'm Adeleke Samuel


Samuel is a New media strategist, digital marketer and a creative content creator with practical experience helping businesses gain more visibility online, increase their sales conversion and generate quality leads by leveraging on the power of New media and strategic content marketing.

He is also the Host of The ExpertView Show with Adeleke Samuel where he interviews ExpertGuests in various Internet-Marketing / digital marketing Niches so as to give clarity to newbies in the industry.

Get the Cash-generating YouTube Channel Blueprint


YouTube Fundamentals

In this module, you’ll learn all the basics you need to know like choosing a profitable Niche and how to create, setup and successfully launch your YouTube channel even if you’re not a Techie.

You don’t need to have any prior knowledge as this module will serve as the foundational knowledge and guide you on starting your YouTube journey.

YouTube Video Recipe

In this module, you’ll learn different ways to prepare and cook YouTube videos that grabs and retains people’s attention, it doesn’t even matter if you’re terribly camera-shy.

My YouTube Never-failing SEO Strategy

Just 1 Search Engine Optimized Video brought in over 3,000 subscribers.

The image below demonstrates the Power of SEO!

You’ll learn how to optimize your videos for YouTube search Engines. This is the sustainable way to grow your YouTube channel on Autopilot which means more views, more subscribers and more money.

Once you get this right, you’ve gotten access to unlimited evergreen traffic to whatever offers you’re promoting as a content creator or affiliate and you will keep generating sales without spending on Paid Ads all as a result of one-time-effort.

1,000 Subscribers in 3 Month Blueprint

If you don’t have huge followers on other social media platforms you can ask to subscribe to your New channel, this is a proven blueprint you can leverage on to get additional 1,000+ subscribers in 3 months or less.

Build a Passive Income System

Imagine owing a digital asset (real estate) that you earn from Monthly for Life even if you decide to stop creating more content after a while, that is what Google AdSense can do for you as a YouTuber, passively print money.

Attract Brand Partnership Deals

I will not flood this page with paid brand deals I have had but you can take a glance of the last one I closed.

I will show you how to professionally brand and position your YouTube channel so as to attract High-ticket clients and Big foreign brands to wants to partner with you.


The sweetest part of this is that you don’t just get paid you’ll also get to enjoy other sweet perks for yourself and your subscribers.


I’ll share with you how to negotiate the deal, how to avoid being scammed and ripped off and even share my Invoice template you can easily edit to get them to pay.

What makes this course different than other trainings like it?

Accountability & Support Community

As someone just starting their YouTube journey it can be boring atimes this is why you should belong a community of fellow YouTubers both old and new. You'll also have direct access to me and get answers to all of your questions, aside getting support there will be room for accountability this way you'll be consistent will creating content for your channel. And there'll also be a peer-2-peer effort to grow together so you don't feel lonely and alone on your YouTube journey.

Enrollment Fee Cashback System

I'll show you how to get back the money you invested in this Course.

Is that all you'll get? No!

But before I reveal other perks, please read this carefully.


I strongly believe that the creation of The YouTube Monetization Blueprint Course is certainly going to raise a new breed of YouTubers.


With that said, I have decided to invest a lot of time and resources to carefully put together powerful, jaw-breaking and mouth-watering useful resources and bonuses.


This will help you learn fast and also implement what you will learn in this course to start getting results almost immediately.


Please note this is not for everyone, only for Fast Movers to enroll to this course.


However your decisive nature and Smartness is what will determine the kind of Bonuses you will get…


Today, I want to extend the opportunity for you to get access to The YouTube Monetization Blueprint Course + Some Awesome goodies




If you act now, you secure a spot and get access to these highly valuable bonuses for FREE

Get the Cash-generating YouTube Channel Blueprint


Whiteboard Animation Domination Course

This is a Complete course That Shows You How To Produce Attention-grabbing, High-Engaging and Super-Converting Whiteboard Animations That Attract New Customers, Generate More Leads and Increase Sales – Even If You Don’t Have Prior Design or Marketing Skills…

(The first 10 People Only gets this – 0 People remaining)

WORTH ₦7,000 – Get it for FREE, if you sign up now!


Attention-grabbing Thumbnail Design Tutorial

 This is a comprehensive video tutorial on how to design catchy thumbnails that grabs people’s attention to want to watch your videos.

That’s not all, I also shared a template you can easily edit and use immediately.

WORTH ₦5,000 – Get it for FREE, if you sign up now!

Viral Content Recipe Creation Framework

This framework will guide you on how to structure your content in such a way that it’ll retain your viewer’s attention which means increase in Average Video Duration. 

WORTH ₦5,000 – Get it for FREE, if you sign up now!

YouTube Channel Banner Design Tutorial

 This is a comprehensive video tutorial on how to design YouTube channel banner that is professional and gets you clicks.

That’s not all, I also shared a template you can easily edit and use immediately to design yours.

WORTH ₦5,000 – Get it for FREE, if you sign up now!

10 Titles Generation Template

 With this title generator you’ll never run out of idea of content to create and it’ll also guide you to properly title your YouTube videos.

WORTH ₦3,000 – Get it for FREE, if you sign up now!

Get the Cash-generating YouTube Channel Blueprint


This is Everything You'll Get.
  • Access the easy-to-understand Video course with everything promised (Worth ₦50,000)
  • Access to Accountability & Support Community You'll get direct support from me and other active community members, none of your question will ever go unanswered (Worth ₦20,000)
  • Enrollment Fee Cashback System: I'll show you how to get back the money you invested in this course and even more in less than a week (Worth ₦10,000)
  • Bonus #1: Whiteboard Animation Domination Course (Worth ₦7,000)
  • Bonus #2: Attention-grabbing Thumbnail Design Tutorial (Worth ₦5,000)
  • Bonus #3: Viral Content Recipe Creation Framework (Worth ₦5,000)
  • Bonus #4: YouTube Channel Banner Design Tutorial (Worth ₦5,000)
  • Bonus #5: 10 Titles Generation Template (Worth ₦3,000)
Launch Price

Though the total value of the course + add-on bonuses is worth over ₦105,000

You won’t actually be paying up to that amount…

Not even up to 15% of ₦105,000

Investment Fee = ₦15,000

But wait! You can jump in on my Ongoing Black Friday Sale

Get the Cash-generating YouTube Channel Blueprint

I know it’s very affordable (& I’m not stupid either).

It’s worth every penny because by the time you’re done with the lessons in this course you would have develop some invaluable soft & digital skills that will be yours for life and built a passive cash-generating asset you can earn from for life.

And you can even do this for other people and charge premium fee for your services.


But, there’s one simple condition attached to it… 

This discounted price and mouth-watering bonuses are only available for a very limited time and only few people will get access.

You need it?

… get it now


You’ve nothing to lose!

If after investing in any of my courses, implemented what you’ve learnt and still don’t get results, I’ll refund you every penny paid.

 Unbelievable right? I’m doing this either because I’m stupid or very confident that my courses will work for you (if you implement).

I know my courses have the potential to transform your finance. 

But maybe you’re on the fence because other resources or courses you’ve bought in the past have left you disappointed and a bit skeptical. That’s understandable. That’s why you’ll get to test drive any of these courses you’re buying now for 30 days.

The risk is on me!

Yes, my courses either give you everything I promised, or you get your money back AND also keep all the bonuses for free.

No tricks. No hidden fees. None of that. All yours for a low price.

Congrats! You're one step away...

From getting a course that will make it easy for you to establish yourself as an authority in your Niche and also build a Cash-generating Digital Asset.

Bank Transfer (Pay ₦15,000)

Bank Account: UBA
Account Name: Adeleke Samuel
Account Number: 2090072419

Note: Use your Name as Transaction details
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Get instant access to the Course

Make payment online through a safe and secure payment platform (Selar) using your card.

You can decide

To waste your time, energy and resources trying to figure out this YouTube thingy on your own or leverage on the knowledge of someone that has been there and actively still in the space.
I want to help you save time, make your journey smooth while you rake in some bucks doing it!


Yes, you’ll learn all the basics from how to pick a Niche and even create your YouTube channel.

No, you won’t.

You’ll always get constant updates for FREE for this course

Yes, there is a responsive support community where you can ask all of your questions and you’ll get the help needed from me and other members of the community.

IMPORTANT: Earnings And Legal Disclaimers

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